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Infraware 소개

Work-n-Play better, Infraware
Infraware, an innovative mobile solution and service company that helps the people work and play better.

Infraware is a mobile solution and service company that has been providing differentiated software technology and innovation for the past 15 years in an ever-changing IT industry.
From mobile office/email solution to a variety of apps based on writing/voice recognition technology, smart TV browser, android platform as well as a diverse range of other mobile platforms, interactive e-book to mobile social game contents service business, Infraware plays an active part in a wide range of areas. We will continue to do our utmost to ensure that your lives are smarter and fuller with rich contents.

Infraware Business

INFRAWARE - Office Solution Business
  • Office Application
  • Office Cloud Service
  • Office Enterprise
  • Mobile Email
  • Mobile Print
INFRAWARE Technology- Service Solution Business
  • Mobile Platform
  • Mobile Security
  • Mobile AD
DIOTEK - HCI Solution Business
  • Handwriting
  • Speech
  • Langauge
  • Digital Ink
Selvas - Mobile Game Business
  • Mobile Game Development
  • Mobile Game Publishing

About US


Infraware's business goal is not to pursue profit, but to promote growth.

The promotion of growth is to create opportunities for our employees and shareholders alike to be successful. Infraware holds creating opportunities as the highest of values, and does its best to help shape the world to one of equal opportunity.

Our Belief in Managing the Organization
  • Challenges are the best motivator for encouraging and developing talent.
  • Helping an individual to grow leads to results.
  • The best performance is achieved after responsibility and authority have
    been appropriately delegated.
  • A leader's most important capability is the ability to make decisions.
  • Being a balanced thinker is important for making the best decision when
    conflicting values preside.
    (Conflicting values: trust and suspicion, tenacity and resignation,
    stability and challenge, completeness and speed, etc.)
How We Can Innovate
  • Good ideas are often discoveries found by observing customers.
  • Fast exposures and responses are important.
  • Fostering our own values is more important than filling the gap with competitors.

About US

계열사 소개


  • 인프라웨어


    A company specialized in officeware mobile solutions.

  • 인프라웨어테크놀로지

    Infraware Technology

    Android platforms,
    Enterprise solutions

  • 셀바스


    Game development,

  • 디오텍


    Language base solution

  • HIMS International

    HIMS International

    Assistive technology Business

Brand Overview

  • Polaris®

    Enabling Smart Work

  • selvas

    Always Better

About US



CI (Corporate Identity)

Our CI is another "face" of a company. The CI of Infraware is based on our flexible culture and passion for taking on new challenges. It expresses Infraware's desire to grow As a partner for life through original ideas and innovative R&D for the future.

The Symbol

인프라웨어 심볼마크

Infraware's symbol is a circle.
This solitary circle represents the management ideology, vision, and business of Infraware's three core values : passion, youth, and challenges expressed in a dynamic image.


In logo type signature, the word-mark and logo is combined using very specific rules and they cannot be repositioned. Choose the right one to use depending on space and layout.

인프라웨어 시그니춰

CI signature of affiliated companies.

CI signature of affiliated companies.

계열회사 CI


Basically, it is recommended to use the gradient color of Infraware on a white background. Alternative colors, such as black and gray, can be used as well.

인프라웨어 CI 전용색상

Limitations TIP

  • Care should be taken to ensure that the CI guideline is respected in all cases.
  • Should you need to change the CI for a special purpose, please contact us.

About US


Jan. 2015
  • Launched Polaris Office 2015
Dec. 2014
  • Launched Polaris Word 2015
May. 2014
  • World Class 300 Selected as a company
Apr. 2014
  • Launched Polaris Office Service
Jun. 2013
  • Launched Polaris Office Enterprise
  • Launched Polaris Meeting
Sep. 2012
  • Launched Palaoo E-Book Service
Apr. 2012
  • Launched Polaris Office iOS
  • Established Infraware Books
Nov. 2011
  • Took over control of DIOTEK
Jun. 2011
  • Selected as WBS Project Supervisor (Smart TV)
May. 2011
  • Awarded Grand Prize for Multimedia Technology (Polaris Office)
Apr. 2011
  • Commercialized Polaris Office for Smartphone/Tablet PC
    (Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, HTC)

About US

오시는 길

HQ and R&D Center

  • Bando B/D, Banpo-dong,
    Seocho-gu, Seoul
  • Tel.82-2-537-0538
  • FAX.82-2-535-0534

Infraware U.S.A

  • 17870 Sky Park Circle Ste 250 Irvine, CA 92614, U.S.A
  • Email.

Infraware China

  • Room908, Building 16, China Central Place, No/89, Jian Guo lu Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.
  • Tel.86-10-6533-1556
  • FAX.86-10-65331559


  • 東京都新宿西新宿4-2-18
  • Tel.03-6300-9467



Enabling Smart Work

represents Infraware's Smart Device solution and service business. Polaris originally started as a browser business. Now, based on its own Office original technology, Polaris provides competitive products and services from mobile Office products including Office Viewer, Editor, Scanner, Print, and Email; customer-tailored products including Polaris Office Enterprise and Polaris Meeting; and to Cloud services, which can be downloaded from app stores and used on various smart devices. Polaris Office is the top global mobile Office solution, with installations on over 600 million smart devices.

Polaris promises to be a strong business partner for individual/enterprise customers to realize the true potential of smart work.



Play New Experience

SELVAS is our mobile game business. Through a specialized developers and
development system,
SELVAS is developing mobile games in various genres, including FPS, SNG, and
midcore RPG by co-operating with the Korean HQ and branches in Japan, the USA,
and China based on the domestic and famous foreign game publishing services.
It provides new fun experiences to various users in the global market.



Opening the mobile future

DIOTEK is our Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) business.
It provides emotional interface technology including voice, handwriting, OCR, digital ink, and other various software solutions based on the interfaces.
Based on various original technologies for next generation interfaces, our aim is to bring forth a people-oriented, happy, and convenient digital world.


Polaris Office

새로운 PC 오피스

New PC Office, Polaris Office 2015 allows users to open and edit documents of various formats in a more convenient way.
It provides stable viewing and editing features for existing "MS Office documents,", "ODF documents," and other documents of various Office programs.

Simple and easy UI
For users who are familiar with the existing MS Office environments, Polaris Office 2015 optimizes the transition between features, as well as familiarity to the existing program environments.
Providing stable
document conversion
with various formats
MS Office documents can be converted to ODT documents, and all supported documents can be converted to an image file or PDF file.
Reasonable license fee
Experience the pinnacle of office software without breaking the bank. Using Polaris Office 2015,
it dramatically reduces the licensing costs required for operating Office programs.
Herb for personal documents
"Polaris Home"
"Polaris Home" allows you to view and edit documents with various formats at the same time without moving between Office programs.
shortcut-compatible features
and hybrid touch mode
Shortcut-compatible features are provided
for users who are familiar with MS Office as well as using the PC keyboard, mouse, and touch mode for hybrid PC.
Building your unique and
optimized Office
business environment
Through systematically interlocking with the business’s or institution’s existing business system and detail functions, it supports building an optimized office system for business.


Polaris Office

모든 기기에서 사용하는 무료 오피스

Polaris Office is a free office application suite optimized for Smartphones and Tablets
to create, edit, or read Microsoft Office documents and view PDFs on your mobile device.
Polaris Office allow users to not only create various documents
in Microsoft Office, PDF, TXT, but also share documents via email and URL link.

Easy Document Editing
Various PC edit features can be used on mobile devices as well to create a perfect document.
Synchronizing Documents on All Devices
Documents saved in Polaris Office are updated to the latest version on every device. (PC-Smartphone-Tablet PC)
Convenient Document Sharing
Through the device's Address Book, documents can be shared with friends and/or colleagues.
Fast document loading and instant response
Polaris Office has the fastest loading speed of all mobile Office products. It can open and maintain optimal performance even when you're working with huge files. Panning and flicking are also designed to be immediately responsive.
Create a visually-rich document by linking and embedding objects
Just like many office products for PC, Polaris Office provides a wide range of diagrams, including arrows, stars, free lines, flowcharts and charts, in both 2D and 3D. A single tap is enough to embed an object or chart in your document. Change the color, borders or size of the object, or apply effects with simple hand gestures.
Impress your audience anytime, anywhere
The slide show feature of Polaris Office supports dynamic animations and easy-to-use pointers that can be used to write comments on the slide. Now you can create a rich and visually attractive presentation anytime, anywhere.


Polaris Viewer

문서 원본을 그대로 보여주는 모바일 viewer

Polaris Viewer is an easy-to-use and powerful Office viewer for mobile devices. Quickly open most types of documents from your mobile device, and use them in your presentations.

Excellent viewing capacity
Polaris Viewer has a higher rendering quality for Microsoft Office compatible files, with 80+ pieces of smart art and 160+ diagrams, charts and effects that are compatible with Microsoft Office. In addition, with its advanced PDF engine, it delivers smooth Zoom in/out, Panning, and Flicking, and provides memo and comment functions.
Useful and convenient functions
Polaris Viewer provides various convenient functions for reading documents. Fast-accessible UI, intuitive design, and useful navigation provide an easier viewing environment. In addition, it provides dynamic usability for reading documents and the document list with 2D/3D effects.
Various document formats
It supports the latest document formats, including DOC, XLS, and PPT, and various other popular file types in the PC-like 'read' environment.


Polaris Office Enterprise

강력한 문서 보안 오피스

Based on the powerful performance of Polaris Office, the top mobile Office Solution in the world, the security features for protecting information, as well as for reading and editing documents, have been enhanced and strengthened. In addition, our SDK is available for easy and convenient business system integration. Office features are provided for the integration of business applications of vendors and various business systems.

Superior Performance & Rich Features
Superior rendering quality features documents as though shown on PC and supports fast loading and stable flicking. It provides more than 500 editing features and cooperation features through Collaborating on Your Documents.
Safe Document Security
To ensure a company's document security, the volatile save feature prevents a document from being saved in the mobile device and blocks document leakage.
SDK & Customizing
Integration with legacy systems such as Groupware, ECM, and EDMS is easily achieved. In various legacy environments, with its integrated Office features, it provides customization services for linking with enterprise storages, customized templates, and inserting enterprise logos for various business environments.


Polaris meeting

회의 문화의 스마트한 진화

Polaris Meeting is the paperless meeting solution which supports real-time document sharing for efficient meeting and fast decision-making with smart devices. With Infraware's Office core engine technology, you can easily read and share meeting materials in a secure way, and the two-way handwriting allows active communication without having to go through the trouble of converting documents.

Use of Original Document without Document Conversion
The meeting solution using the Office core engine technology allows you to use the original document as is without converting it as a PDF file or an image. In addition, it removes the restriction of image conversion, such as Hyperlink and attachable video formats. Seamless continuous work can be achieved by adding and saving the handwritten comments to the original Office document.
Sharing two-way handwriting
The Originator and Participants' handwritings are shared in real time for convenient and smooth two-way active communication. It can be used for various applications such as documents, comments on the meeting, and Q&A in the education field.
Various Convenient Features for Efficient Meetings
The View Alone mode allows you to review the document in advance and leave personal memos. In addition, it allows free zoom-in/out, change of conductor's/participants' authority for convenient meeting progress, invitation to meeting by integrating with the company's organization chart, e-mail share, and preview attached files.


Polaris Print

가장 안정적인 모바일 프린트 솔루션

A mobile printing application that allows direct printing of various content on smartphones or tablet PCs.

Powerful Printer Support
Supports various print formats, including Inkjet, Laser, GDI, and PCL, and can connect to more than 7,000 models of printers from over 60 manufacturers.
Superior Print Quality and Performance
By combining with the Polaris Office document engine, it provides superior print quality that is very similar to that of the original document.
Useful Print Options
It provides various print options such as Watermark, printing on one page, and Duplex.


Polaris Scan

모바일 환경에 최적화된 고품질 스캐너

A mobile scanner application that converts a smartphone or tablet PC into a portable scanner by using the camera.

High-quality Image Compensation Scan
The shape and quality of the original print is maintained by compensating brightness and size of the scanned image.
Conversion to Digital File
The scanned image can be converted to a document such as PDF or MS Office.
Easy Sharing
The scanned materials can be sent via e-mail or directly uploaded to Cloud storages or SNS services like Facebook and Twitter.


Polaris Email

Rich Email Environment

Polaris Email is a mobile e-mail solution that provides read and edit functions, and easy and convenient information management. It provides a Rich Mail Environment for easy and fast e-mail viewing and vivid emotion expression. From basic convenient functions for beginners to advanced functions for professionals, it delivers a more reliable e-mail environment by offering support for multiple folder management and a custom rule definition function.

Creating dynamic E-mail
Based on HTML, it provides various edit tools for composing highly readable mail. As well as basic text edit tools, it supports object insertion functions for emoticons, inlines, and background images, and various template contents for more expressiveness and fun.
Optimum E-mail reading environment
With the Optimized Screen Rendering (OSR) function, Polaris Browser provides a mobile-optimized viewing mode. It reduces the text read time with its Incremental Rendering (IR) function, which sequentially renders the mail body from the area shown on the mobile device.
Various convenient functions
Its convenient functions allow you to utilize e-mail contents and data for various tasks. It provides a range of functions for user convenience, including body scanning, drag & drop attachment to email messages, and find/replace.


Polaris Board

세계 최초 전자 칠판 전용 플랫폼

A software package that includes essential electronic blackboard apps and optimized electronic blackboard user experience with Android-based technologies

Provides Optimized Electronic UX
In consideration of the characteristics of electronic blackboard equipment, the electronic blackboard exclusive launcher and interface is provided. Also, using an electronic blackboard has been made easier with the voice and handwriting recognition feature.
Electronic Blackboard Exclusive Apps and Contents
Essential electronic blackboard apps, such as Writing on blackboard, Microsoft Office, Dictionary, Print, and eBook are provided. A variety of other apps and contents can be downloaded through the electronic blackboard-exclusive App Store.
Interworking with Mobile Devices
Operate the electronic blackboard with many different smartphones and tablets or multicast the content to share and view with other people in real-time.


Polaris Board

표준 HTML 기반의 기업용 웹 프린팅 솔루션

A web printing solution that automatically optimizes a variety of reports and formats to fit the paper for outputting

Superior Printing Feature
ML Report Enterprise is a web printing solution that was developed with the focus of solving the printing errors that occur when printing web documents. Markup languages such as, HTML, XML, and, XHTML were used for the product's development, with its excellent rendering technology allowing for pristine web document outputs.
Supports Multiple Browsers
ML Report Enterprise supports Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Because it does not affect the hardware, operating system, or web server environment, it can be installed onto almost any system.
New Web Printing Solution Concept
With ML Report Enterprise, there is no need to develop a new website for feature implementation. Simply insert tags to existing websites to implement the features. The time and cost for developing an output screen is drastically reduced. In addition, a variety of activities such as saving PDF files, Excel files, and integrating charts are supported, with the web accessibility assessment being completed.



Orange, CISCO, Citrix, EMC, Symantec, Good Technology, MobileIron, Check Point, ASDEQ LABS, Mobility Labs, Fixmo, AirWatch, Compendia
Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, LG U+, SK Telecom, Korea Enterprise Data, Korea Agency For Infrastructure Technology Advancement, Paradise Casino, Woongjin Holdings, SoftCamp, MarkAny



Financial Report

Financial Report
Item 2014 2013 2012
Liquid Assets 52,441 89,956 58,529
Assets 43,378 36,197 33,650
Total Assets 97,819 126,153 92,179
Liquid Liabilities 9,188 26,376 9,519
Liabilities 2,111 2,569 2,278
Total Liabilities 11,299 28,945 11,797
Capital 9,309 9,309 9,120
Other Contributed Capital 58,729 51,729 51,626
Retained Earnings 18,482 28,787 19,636
Gross Capital 89,520 97,207 80,382

Income Statement

Income Statement
Item 2014 2013 2012
Operating Revenue 38,612 52,413 43,575
Operating Expenses 34,871 35,898 30,749
Operating Income 3,742 16,515 12,826
Non-operating Income 2,715 1,948 1,699
Non-operating Expenses 5,266 873 1,757
Other Revenue 1,062 317 647
Other Expenses 6,308 409 553
Profit from Subsidiaries and Associates (Expenses) 2,269 -6,276 -1,592
Net Profit before Deducting Tax Expenses -6,323 11,222 11,270
Tax Expenses 4,014 1,902 3,438
Net Profit during the Term -10,337 9,319 7,832


증권사 커버리지

Infraware's coverage is listed in the table below.

증권사 커버리지 목록
번호 증권사 애널리스트 첨부 날짜
32 인프라웨어 인프라웨어 IR팀 첨부파일 2014-03-28
31 신한금융투자증권 최경진 첨부파일 2013-07-02
30 대우증권 서승우 첨부파일 2013-02-28
29 흥국증권 이승훈 첨부파일 2013-02-28
28 신한금융투자증권 최경진 첨부파일 2013-02-28
27 IBK증권 김인필 첨부파일 2013-01-18
26 동양증권 이병준 첨부파일 2013-01-18
25 동부증권 박대업 첨부파일 2013-01-18
24 동부증권 김승회 첨부파일 2013-01-18
23 대우증권 서승우 첨부파일 2013-01-18


Media Gallery

Polaris Office 'Love Editor' Campaign Making Movie

Polaris Office 'Love Editor' Campaign Making Movie



This is My POLARIS Office.

This is My POLARIS Office.

The World's Best Mobile Office

The World's Best Mobile Office

Polaris Smartphone Suite Introduction

Polaris Smartphone Suite Introduction

Polaris Smartphone Suite

Polaris Smartphone Suite

Palaoo 프리미엄 키즈북

Palaoo 프리미엄 키즈북







Infraware People

Infraware People are challengers with good communication skills, courage and realistic judgment who are comfortable sharing their opinion freely with anyone.


합리적인 소통
인프라웨어人은 업무 및 동료, 고객과의 합리적인 소통을 통해 긍적의 결과물을 만들어 갑니다.
참된 용기
인프라웨어人은 참된 용기로 인프라웨어와 인프라웨어人, 나아가 세상을 즐겁게 변화시킵니다.
인프라웨어人은 새로운 흐름을 정확하게 파악하고 그 흐름에 맞는 도전을 통해 함께 성장합니다.

Career Management System

Dual Career Path

Infraware has the Dual Career Path system.
Through Y-shaped career management, Infraware provides tailored opportunities that satisfy both leaders and specialists.

“Create a culture that recognizes specialists.”

Leaders are not necessarily people who are older than others and are more advanced in their careers. Infraware believes that recognizing specialists strengthens the technological competence of the company.

“Give opportunities to younger people with leadership potential.”

It is true that leadership does require a healthy amount of field experience.
However, that does not mean there is a set amount of experience and age required to become a leader. Infraware wants to give potential leaders an early opportunity to prove themselves.

Special Promotion & Fast Track

As well as the promotion system, Infraware has the 『Special Promotion』 and 『Fast Tracking』 system based on trust in its people.
Infraware values its top talent, and provides employees with a chance to to grow and develop.

Special Promotion
Promotes employees 1 year earlier than
the average number of years of service for promotion
Fast Tracking
Regardless of the number of years of service
and the position, promotes the top talent earlier

Education System

Various education programs are provided to help all employees to pursue their goals.


SHARE - Infraware's Vision & Value

UPGRADE- CDP (Career Developement Path)

  • Leadership Programs
  • Language Programs
  • In-House Programs
  • Professional building Programs
  • Customized Technology Programs
  • Common competencies Programs
  • New/Experienced introductory Programs

Company Benefits

Refreshment Day

As part of creating a happy workplace, Infraware offers an early leave day once per month to improve the quality of life and to recuperate when the employee meets the working conditions.

Benefits for Long-term Employees

Bonus and holidays are given to long-term employees (of 5 or 7/10 years) that allows them to take time off to rest and decompress, and enjoy some quality family time.

Compensation for Duty Invention

We have a compensation plan to elevate R&D desire and manage and use the intellectual property reasonably by protecting and promoting invention among employees. In 2013, we were awarded the Excellent Company for Compensation for Duty Invention award (by the Korean Intellectual Property Office) and the Grand Prix of Patent Management (by the Korea Electronics Association).

Club Support

To recommend hobbies and activities and promote friendship and harmony among employees, we support various club activities.

Compensation for Foreign Language

Employees who excel in foreign languages are selected to receive recognition and rewards for their abilities.

Foreign Language Reimbursement

For self-development and improvement of language abilities, we offer reimbursements for foreign language institutes, e-Learning, and telephone language education programs.

Convenience Facilities

To promote a happy working environment, a refreshment and welfare space was newly opened for employees during the second quarter of 2014. The space consists of a cafeteria, classroom, and Fun Zone for a more interesting working environment.


Infraware's structure can be said to be a cogwheel of various job categories and duties that moves seamlessly by working together. In addition, based on the capabilities and characteristics of employees, we allow employees to move between job categories freely for the optimum combination of the best performance and efficiency.

Job Category Roles
  • - SW R&D and commercialization
  • - Establishment of technology development strategy and management of owned technology
  • - Development and management of development methodology
Product Planning
  • - Business strategy and product planning
  • - Commercialization support and new market discovery
  • - Mobile / IT Solution / Application Technical Sales
  • - Sales with domestic and foreign manufacturers and partners
Job Category
  • - Market research and establishment of business strategy
  • - Discovery of new items and core values and support of commercialization
Quality Assurance
  • - SW quality management and testing service
  • - Project configuration management
Job Category
  • - UI planning and GUI design
  • - Verification and advance of product usage
  • - HR, Finance, Legal, Strategic Planning

Hiring Process

Under the motto ’A company's competitiveness comes from its people,’ Infraware's hiring process can be seen as follows for the fair evaluation of capabilities and potentials of applicants.


서류심사 -> 인·적성검사/필기전형(*개발직군만 필기전형 실시) -> 면접전형 - > 합격자 발표




Please type the letters you see in the left box.
If you have any questions including matters regarding partnership opportunities, plesae use the Q&A button on the right.